Florida Inmate Mistakenly Released From Jail But He Turns Himself Back In

It's not often the words 'honest' and 'criminal' get the opportunity to be used in the same sentence, and the notion of an 'honest criminal' just seems to unbelievable for most people to imagine, but they obviously have never met Luis Lopez.

The 37 year old inmate has spent the last three months at the Marion County Jail. He was arrested last August for his second DUI, driving with a suspended license, hitting two cars then leaving the scene.

He pleaded guilty on all counts and was just sentenced this week to a year in jail, followed by a year probation; but then, the most bizarre thing happened.

"I was released from jail," said Lopez. "For some reason, I just listened to what they had to say."

At first, Lopez, 37, questioned the guards, but after they assured him they had the paperwork from the courts ordering his release, he followed their orders and walked out of jail.

Lopez says, "I was stunned!"

He was so stunned, in fact, about his apparent early release, he called his public defender to make sure everything was in order. He said he had no intention of getting in trouble with the law again.

But when his lawyer told him the bad news -- a big mistake had been made -- he immediately decided he would do the right thing and turn himself in before police came and got him.

Fox 35 was there when he knocked on the gate and patiently waited for a guard to let him check himself in, as his loved ones watched, and cried.

The last thing Lopez said to reporters was, "It never should have happened. I just want to do what I have to do now, and get on with my life. That's it."

Phone calls to the court by the news station still haven't been returned.

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