Hasan presents APG 2K11 - Rookie Challenge

It's about that time again. Time for Hasan's NBA All Star Soundtrack! This is the 3rd in his APG series (Americas Point Guard) and it's called "Rookie Challenge." Hear some of the hottest new artists in the game while Hasan brings you the heat that he normally delivers every year. Get your copy at the NBA All Star Weekend or download it right now!!
Download Hasan's APG 2K11 HERE


TSO said...


Tah 307 said...

Yo Hasan's new cd is the shit! That uh yeah shit is a smash!

Lea said...

Downloading it now, can't wait to listen

Niemah said...

Michell Rivae song is hot

Will Stax said...

Yo Ha u did again, this cd is bangin!
I got about 6 favorites my boy

Laylee S. said...

I love it. Ha you are a genius

Anonymous said...

Good work yall

OC said...

Damn I'm gonna bump this shit when i get to my car! Uhh Yeah is a hit homie

Big Zo said...

I got a copy earlier at the Staple Center, I'm feelin it

Tone said...

Crossover is the hottest track on there. Hasan u a monster!

Tripp\ATL said...

Shoulda had some nba rookies spittin on there bruh. That woulda been hot

Anonymous said...

Blake Griffin is the man

Cane said...

Leavin Gurls, Time of your Life & Uhh Yeah are fire!

OC said...

Hasan got another hit

Ran said...

Leaving Girls is the best!

VSC said...

@Ran yeah that leavin gurls is bananas! I'm feelin Beat that Body & Crossover too

Anonymous said...

Got a copy at the game, gunna chek it out 2day

Sam Stem said...

Thumbs up. Pretty good

AL BX! said...


FashionGirl said...

Don't u want me is awesome

Anonymous said...

I love it

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