Tiger?...Still? Get A Grip People!

Ok I don't know exactly how long this Tiger Woods situation has been going on but I can honestly say this...get over it people. Real talk yall this isn't "playing politics" or looking out for "my boy" because I have never met the man. All I'm saying is I have much better things to do then bash this man for something that is none of my business (& none of yours). Look the man was unfaithful, what he did was wrong, but are you perfect? Haven't you made mistakes? I am not here to justify what he did, I'm not even mad at the news for reporting this nonsense because at the end of the day it is news. My problem is why are you people trying to tear this man down? He's a pro golf player, not the Pope! And truthfully let's all be adults here, this man is arguably bigger than the sport he plays; did you think he was going to be faithful? This is 2010 people, we knew it, he knew it & his wife knew it (so did Kobe's wife lol). The sad thing is 90% of the ones who are attacking Tiger Woods is doing the same thing! I feel he screwed up (& around) and got caught, so now he has to deal with the consequences. But this is ridiculous. This isn't unfamiliar though, the world is full of haters & when someone is great at something & strays from trouble, you hate that. You wish bad things on him & once he messes up, you hold on to it as long as you can. You tried the same sh*t with Michael Jordan.
We're a country at war, we're in a recession, our kids are dying in these streets & all you want to do is talk about how Tiger cheated?? Come on now, the only ones who should still be hurt & upset are the ones involved in this fiasco.
If you want drama, watch Law & Order. Enough with this nonsense.

One way or another Tiger's wife will get over this...so should you.

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